Our fundraisers are a great way to have FUN while raising funds! Your guests will receive a 16×20 canvas, paint, all necessary equipment, fun detailed painting instructions from Kait, a fun night out, and a piece of art they created to remember it by!

How Do They Work?

Date and Time: Let us know when you’d like to schedule the event, and we’ll let you know our availability. Events normally take between 2 and 3 hours. During the summer months we offer events from 12PM to 10PM. From September – June we offer events from 6PM to 9PM.

The Painting: You can pick the painting from our growing library, or if you have something custom in mind (logo incorporation, local scenery, etc.) please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We do require at least a month notice if you’d like a custom design. If a particular painting that you’ve picked out has been recently used or reserved, we may advise you to pick a different one. This will help sell tickets to those who perhaps have recently attended another of our fundraisers with the same painting.

Ticket Cost: $40 per person. We split the ticket 25/15 with you, $25 to cover our expenses and $15 for your fundraiser. The number of tickets available per event is limited to venue size. We will tell you what the maximum number of patrons we can accommodate in a given space. We have enough equipment for group sizes as large as 80.

Venue: Your organization will be responsible for reserving and paying for the venue for the fundraiser. We can help you with ideas on locations and even give you contacts for the right people to talk to.  Reminder: If you intend on having people under the age of 21 at your fund raiser, you must reserve an appropriate venue to accommodate that.

Number of Tickets:
In order for us to at least cover our expenses, we require a minimum of 20 tickets sold to your fundraiser 2 days prior to the event. We have the ability to accommodate up to 80 painters depending on the venue.

Ticket Sales: For fundraisers, you will be responsible for selling your own tickets. Currently, we do not offer our website credit card processing and ticket purchasing for fundraisers. While we realize it would be super convenient, the fees associated with it make it very difficult to even break even with a $40 ticket and a $25/$15 split with the client. You will receive actual physical tickets (beautifully designed!) made by us. They will have a photo of the painting on them along with all event details.

Advertising Your Event:
 For fundraisers, it’s often easiest to simply approach the audience you know has a vested interest in your cause and see if they’re interested in purchasing tickets. We find 30 – 40 tickets go really fast this way. We do offer the option of advertising your event through our means as well. We will post your event across all of our social media pages if you wish. You will need to make yourself available for people to contact in order to buy tickets if choosing this option.

Paying us: We don’t use our credit card processing for fundraisers, we require a cash payment of our percentage of ticket sales at the event.  30 tickets sold = $450 for you and $750 for us to cover our expenses.